About Us
Promoting a business online involves a lot of work and TIME. These are things that as a CEO or Office Manager you do not have a chance to do. Such as participating in industry/trade forum discussions, running a blog, setting up accounts on social networking sites, listing your business information in business directories and employing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Every business, regardless of its size or scope, could and has been proven to benefit from Internet marketing. Now, you are wondering...How am I going to do all of the necessary marketing and run a business? The fact is that you cannot. You cannot keep it up to date and maintained properly with the up to date information required. Up to date information is important because NO ONE likes to go to a web page and see the same thing repeatedly. WatsDaScoop takes care of all the things listed above for you: promotions, keep your information current and add any and all new techniques you may offer. All of it! We want our clients to be happy and grow their businesses. In today's society when someone is looking for a particular business they Google it. If they cannot find you on the first page or two on Google, they stop looking. This is what we do. This is our specialty, so you do not have to worry and focus on your growing business. We use "Let's Encrypt." To learn more please visit https://letsencrypt.org/ or https://letsencrypt.org/isrg/ WatsDaScoop even offers a free year of computer support service for our clients/members.