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Seattle based Ultra web hosting started out as Flux Services back in 2002 as a result of many frustrations with hosting providers with one goal in mind, to make a better web hosting company. Ultra is a service provider covering all aspects of running a website including hosting, domain registration, design and consultation and strives to make hosting easier and websites faster. Ultra has hosted sites from small personal blogs to MTV television shows and has won many awards for its web hosting over the decade. With tens of thousands of satisfied clients we hope to have you as another.


WebHostDir Best of Shared Hosting Award Winner: November 2008
WebHostDir Budget Web Hosting Award Winner: October 2008
Hosting Code of Ethics Member August 2008
Guaranteed Host by CompareWebHosts.com
HostReview Top 10 Growing Hosting Provider: September 2007
Web-Hosting-Top.com - Listed and Verified
WebHostsOnline.com Top10 Host: October 2004
HostSearch Top-Rated 4.00 GPA
FoundHost.com Gold Star Host

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